A new found passion

Enjoy my journey of exploring the world of sewing through the making of bags and quilts.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Asian Chic Bag

Just loved the way this easy pattern turned out. (pattern by Anne Gasby - http://www.annegadsbydesigns.com/ ) I also enjoyed putting in the red beading. Still need to add some big buttons to bottom of handles to cover stitching.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Asian Chic

I loved this design I saw at the Craft and Stitches show. Can't wait to make it up in the fabric behind pattern.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jeans Bag

Thanks for the inspiration Vanessa. A pair of pants form 'Savers' and a beaded necklace from 'StVinnies.' Cut the legs off, sew the leg holes. Plait the the left over legs for handles, thread the neacklace through belt eyelets and there you have it!!!

Another Bag

Love the fabric, Love the style, (vogue pattern) but have decided I DON"T like iron on interfacing! I put a zip pocket inside. First time I have sewed a zip in. With some wise councel from my friend Jen will try another method of inserting a zip next time.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fabric Wall Art

This Fabric was purchased on Ebay through 'Funky Fabrix,' so decided to cover three small square canvas' with it. They now adorn the wall above our bed.

Red Again

75cm x75cm painted canvas inspired by a plate I saw in a Home Beautiful magazine. Took a few days as I had to paint three coats of the red.

Love red!!

Saw this Fabric at the Craft and Stitches Show at Caufield Race Course. Would it be a bag, cushion covers...what to do... uh hu and a square throw. This combination of Colour and design is
so eye candy.

A bag waiting to happen with this fabric I bought on line from US www.ladybuttonfabrics.com
Can't wait...

How cute is this!! Found this fabric and 'Ballet Slipper' bag pattern in a small fabric shop in Mentone. I was just going to suss out what all the fuss was about in regards to this shop and soon dicovered it was worth the visit with many more to come.
This is the next pattern and fabric that jumped out at me over January at the Philip Island material/craft Shop. Couldn't resist the fabric so bought 2 meteres. The pattern was created by a local and is called the 'Vintage Bag.' Very cute, very quick to whip up, very easy!!

The pattern and fabric that inspired my latest sewing frenzy. I saw a sample of this bag hanging in spotlight (november o7) by chance. Found the pattern, saw this fabric on the $2m table, 4 bags and three happy friends later, wu la.